Best Management Practices

Best Management Practices


Land and water are the agriculture industry’s most valuable assets. Their farms, ranches, and communities are typically dependent on surface water sources, like streams, rivers, lakes, and reservoirs, not only for their operations, but also to care for their own families. They are deeply aware of the value of clean water as a resource; their livelihood and lives depend on being able to preserve and protect it.

Florida’s diverse agricultural industry has adopted Best Management Practices for traditional Florida agriculture, which consist of sound science and experience-based practices that focus on water conservation and protection of water quality.

Urban & Green Industries

Less well-known but just as important are Best Management Practices used by those caring for urban agriculture – Florida’s lawns, landscapes, parks, sports fields and golf courses. The degree of Florida’s urbanization inevitably leads to the expansion of the urban agricultural footprint. The Green Industry and Golf Industry BMPs are a science-based educational and training program for lawn-care, landscape and golf course maintenance (“green industry”) professionals.